Detaylar, Kurgu ve steel door

Steel doors are derece only available for apartment entrances but also for use in the apartment. Such doors are rigged against strain kakım they contain an extra security element.

While we offer the most optimal solutions with well-known top brands, we develop customized solutions for your architectural expectations.

The more secure the steel doors, the more impossible it is for foreign people to enter from outside. There must be strength to resist, both in the name of endurance and longevity. × 1

We produce in accordance with world standards. We certify our quality by passing the approval of registration institutions.

With research and development activities,new design, newness and specific application for Everest in creating a difference in products make a feeling for the user.

Steel doors are five times better than other synthetic and wooden door materials with respect to thermal insulation.

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This concentration means the necessity to act selectively in steel door selection. Undoubtedly, it is not possible for every steel door to be 100% robust and reliable. The structure of a steel door in the inner frame should be between 1.5 and 2 mm so that reliability emanet be achieved. If below these values, the reliability margin will decrease. Steel Door Coverings

Portal Steel Doors constantly keeps up with steel door the ever-changing and current trends, achieving great success in offering personalized steel doors with fast and contemporary designs.

Every day, our company introduces more homes to the durability and quality of Portal Steel Doors, providing them with stunning and secure steel doors for a peaceful sleep.

We work meticulously in our design offices. We produce steel doors with an artistic point of view. We add soul to buildings.

While employing our R&D engineers and designers who are innovation-oriented and suitable for the dynamics of Portal Steel Door; We offered this innovative, creative and dynamic team the opportunity to work with state-of-the-ense devices and systems. Security Approach

These doors are moisture and water resistant. In addition to durability, the production of wooden coatings in the name of looking Stylish is a four-by-four state.

In addition to furniture solutions for hotel rooms, studio apartments, and collective structures, we meticulously carry out decoration works and offer comfortable designs for spaces with our expert team of architects and designers.

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