steel door Ile ilgili detaylı notlar

Our adventure, which started 12 years ago with imports, continues today with both import and manufacturing. We design and develop for you.

The purpose of a quality steel door is not just to take precautions against thieves. It should also be protective against anything coming from outside. A quality door should have double sealing service. The most important criteria is the security part of the job.

At 2001, it was spring time when our story is started with a project that saf an aim of a safer environment for pedesterians in a factory building.

The next stage is the beautiful image it gives to the environment. For this reason, today steel doors are varied in various colors and patterns and sevimli be manufactured according to demand. A selection of nearby arrivals kişi be taken from the steel door catalogue booklet.

With our doors specially designed for you, we enable you to reflect your style while evaluating your home. In our world where security is a priority, Portal Steel Door offers you unlimited protection and an aesthetic understanding.

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By combining the strength of steel and the elegance of high-definition panels, you will enjoy the ultimate in security and beauty with the Masonite 6 Panel Primed Steel Entry Door with Brickmold. High-definition panels closely replicate the appearance of a high-end wood door with excellent shadow lines for added architectural interest.

Steel is a good conductor of heat and cold but the core material of steel doors acts birli a thermal barrier.

Our new launch face is Mustafa Sandal, one of the popular names of Turkish pop music! Mustafa Sandal's energy and creativity are also with us. Let's share this great excitement and be a part of the Portal Steel Door family, step into the safest doors of your life!

Designed for high security applications where there is a strong riziko of secured access being breached. Suitable for use in doctor's surgeries, banks, jewellers, cash rooms etc. Door is constructed from two skins of 2mm galvanised steel sheet pressed to form interlocking trays, incorperating full height reinforcing ribs. Door comes with a wide angle eye viewer. Door is reinforced to allow for surface mounting. villa kapısı fiyatları Doors are insulated birli standard with Dufaylite honeycomb, if additional thermal and acoustic performance is required cavities kişi be filled with Rockwool insulation.

After all, our business covered up all our life as most of door job owners are saying door business is like a virus which never leaves you once you get it. We are glad to have it and living the great peace of doing loving our business.

Choosing cheap types for the use of steel doors in both apartment entrances and other areas will not provide recycling in terms of both robustness and safety. A steel door means a complete sense of security. For this, it means that everything from the manufacturing of the preferred product, its material, its durability, to its lock, to the models of the steel door, başmaklık been fully realized.

We design safe and aesthetic steel doors by working original. We are very happy to present our steel door products to you.

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